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Top 10 Best Beer Pong Tables Reviewed For 2021

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The game of beer pong is undoubtedly one of the best party games ever invented. It has the power to liven up any party, no matter how boring it gets. Since this drinking game does not require much additional equipment, you will find that every party has a group of people playing this.

If you are one of the passionate ones, you probably want one at home for yourself and your friends. Granted, you could just use any table for a beer pong game, but with a table designed specifically for this purpose aka the best beer pong table, you will get the best possible experience while playing.

Personally, I would go for the GoPong 8 Foot Folding Table For Beer Pong as it gives you great value for the money you spend. The custom dry erase model is also very slick. As a beginner’s choice, it could be one of your best investments. However, if you want to know more about cool tables like this one, you should read on.

The 10 Best Beer Pong Tables Reviews

Here is a list of the top 10 best portable & folding pong tables to liven up any party and have a great beer pong experience. 

1. GoPong 8-Foot Portable Beer Pong Tables

Starting off our list, we have the stylish, yet portable table by GoPong. Playing beer pong is fun when you have the best table for your party. And this one is an excellent choice. This is a fantastic table that comes in the perfect regulation size and can be folded for easy transport.

When folded, the dimension comes down to 2 feet high, 5.5 feet wide, and 2 feet long, making it the perfect product for tailgate parties. Construction-wise, this is the best beer pong table that is durable and features a high-quality and lightweight aluminum frame that can take a lot of abuse without complaints.

Thanks to the aluminum frame & melamine playing table surface, you do not need to worry about any spills that can happen during a loud party. This one is also quite easy to clean up and easy to carry.  You also get six balls with your purchase to help you get started.

Additionally, it also features triangle marking on both ends to help you set up the cups quickly.  Along with that, you also storage option for beer cups to keep the water near you to clean the ball. No ball rack but it has a dry erase surface model available. And it doesn’t have any ball holder.

2. 8-Foot Beer Pong Table

If you want to spice up your parties, what better way is there than to get a game table with led glow lights. This stylish 8-foot beer pong table by PartyPongTables is the perfect equipment to get for someone who likes to throw wild parties as well as practice and perfect his skill as a beer pong player.

There are a lot of models to choose from and each one has led glow lights. The LED system designed in the unit features 16 different colors along with four different modes, with controls to adjust both the speed and brightness.

Each side requires three AA batteries to run, but thankfully, the batteries last quite a long while before you need to replace them. This one is also very easy to carry This official size 8-foot table can be folded into a 2X2 case for when you want to take it along with you.

Anodized aluminum framing accounts for the durability of the unit, making the playing surface well protected against extreme weather conditions. It also features built-in cup holes to help you set up the table without any hassle. It’s a quality table that is also fun to play with.

3. GoPong PRO 8 Foot – Best Folding Beer Pong Table

This lightweight, low-profile foldable beer pong table from GoPong has earned its place rightfully in our list. If you do not care for all the fancy eye-candy features and want something portable that does its job well, then you cannot go wrong with this one. It is the perfect combination of sturdy construction and a low-profile yet stylish design. It folds into a 2 x 2 briefcase in a nick of time.

These are made with high-strength aluminum that weighs just around 30 pounds when folded up, allowing you to move around quickly with it. It features the regulation length and width but features a greater height. The 36-inch height can be a dealbreaker for some, but those who like it never look back. You also get six GoPong balls.

Along with a strong body, this table features a durable MDF surface that guarantees protection against spills. You also get six balls along with the unit itself to help you start playing right away. Add that with the exquisite black powder-coated looks of the table, and you end up with a unit that will be with you for a lifetime. Because the table folds, it is very easy to transport.

4. 8-Foot Professional Beer Pong Table

Show off your patriotic spirit with this classy and professional beer pong table by PartyPongTables. It features the American flag in all its glory with glossy and stunning graphics. In addition to the table itself, you also get a case to carry the table when folded with the same beautiful American flag.

The anodized aluminum framing and legs make it sturdy and stable even when it takes a rough beating. With a smooth surface, you get guaranteed protection against liquid spills. On top of that, this one is also quite easy to clean with just a moist rag in your hand. The stunning graphics of the USA national flag look nice & all but there are no cup holes.

The unit also features a pong ball holder to keep them close when playing. You get six balls to get started on your game, along with the option to attach cup holders to the table for a small additional cost. All in all, it is the perfect tool in the hands of a party enthusiast.

5. Red Cup Pong 8′ – Best Looking Beer Pong Table

Coming up at number five in our beer pong tables list, we have another fantastic table for you by Red Cup Pong. This stylish Red Cup Pong table features a high definition artwork on the top with bright graphics that looks great at any type of party. It even has a stainless steel bottle opener on the side, making it the perfect party material.

The table is a total of 8 feet in length and 24 inches wide. However, the height of 30 inches, somewhat exceeds the official regulation of 27.5 inches. If the height is not a strict determining factor for you, this table will make a perfect investment for someone looking to practice beer pong or host parties.

The Red Cup table also comes with carrying handles on the side to help you store or move it when folded. With a total weight of 24 pounds, you can easily take it from one place to another. The glossy surface of the table is also protected against spills and warping, in addition to being easily cleanable. The custom bottle opener is a nice touch but no pong ball holder.

6. 8 Foot Beer Pong Table by Rally and Roar

Next, we have a unique beer pong table by Rally and Roar that serves just as well as a table for any other occasion. If you want a multi-purpose table for yourself, you cannot go wrong with this unit. It is also quite lightweight, allowing you to move it around easily.

The one comes in the official tournament size, along with some adjustable options. For instance, you can set the table in three different sizes, which really comes in handy when you want to use it for something else. Furthermore, it is quite easily foldable, allowing you to pack it up in under a minute.

It also comes with a waterproof melamine top that is easy to clean. You can simply use a wet towel and some soap to wipe away any sticky residue you might find after a party. The total weight of the table is around 25 pounds, and it comes with six balls out of the box.

7. Football Field Beer Pong Table with Predrilled Cup Holes

Are you a fan of football? If so, then what better way to show it off than buying this table by The Pong Squad. It comes complete with predrilled cup holders and stunning graphics of a football field with all the yard markers. Furthermore, it has only 20 pounds of weight, making it very easy to move around.

The dimensions of this Pong Squad table are standard regulation size. However, thanks to the telescoping legs, you can easily extend the height according to your specifications. For this reason, it is quite easy to put away with a small push on the legs. You also get a carrying handle on the end to help you carry it when collapsed.

You get 22 predrilled holes in the table on both ends to keep the beer and wash cups. When you are not playing, you can just put on the hole covers that come with it, so that no dirt can get in. And the cup holes also keep your table clean, minimizing spills from dropping the ball in the cups.

8. Red Cup Pong Portable Beer Pong Table

This classy beer pong table is the perfect unit for any renaissance man with the heart of a party enthusiast. It features the beautiful Sistine chapel piece by Michel Angelo on the top in a high definition, glossy finish with bright and vibrant colors. It is surprising how well this classic work of art goes with this one.

It comes in standard size with a bit more height and a lightweight foldable design. The total weight of the unit is only 24 pounds, and when folded, the size comes down to 2×2 feet. Thanks to the low-profile design of the unit, it takes only a minute to pack up and deploy.

Furthermore, this 8 folding table features a custom stainless bottle opener on the side to keep your buzz going. The scratch-resistant surface of the unit also repels any liquid, protecting it from spills. It is also quite easy to wipe off after a long night of partying.

9. Best Choice Products 8′ Portable Beer Pong Table Foldable

Nearing the end of our list, we bring you a beautifully designed table by a company called the best choice products. It has a melamine-coated tabletop, and the bright and vibrant color choice of the unit makes it stand out in a crowded room. It also features cup markers on the opposite end to help you set up the triangle quickly.

The size of this traditional beer pong table is standard tournament size. But if you want, you can set the height shorter at 20.5 inches easily. It can be folded into four sections transforming it into a carrying case complete with two handles. As a result, you can take the product with you anywhere you wish.

The 8-foot folding pong table features a strong aluminum frame with a melamine coated top. This makes sure the frame accounts for the durability of the unit, whereas the top protects the table from water damage. Furthermore, the surface also resists warping due to sudden temperature changes and is also quite easy to wipe off.

10. GoPong Original Pool Party Barge Beer Pong Table

To finish off our list, we are going with a floating beer pong table by none other than GoPong. If you are one to throw or attend pool parties frequently, then this is undoubtedly the best pool-friendly choice. It also comes with a built-in cooler in the middle to keep your drink cool and fresh.

The length is 6 feet, with a width of 3 feet. It comes with four grommets to help you tether it to a location so that it does not sway while playing. The addition of the cup holders on each side of the table ensures the cups remain steady. It also has four holders on each side to keep additional drinks or wash cups. There are separate holes for the cup and ball.

The beer pong table is made using high-quality raft-grade material. Despite the strength of the material, it still manages to feel soft to the touch. Even when you do not feel like playing, you can use it as a lounge and float idly on it in the swimming pool. You also get six balls when you buy the product.

If you don’t like any of these, you can always make a custom beer pong table. Although making custom tables are easier said than done. Another product I would like to add is the PongCaddie Revolutionary. It’s by far the easiest to play tables on the market.

Choosing The Best Beer Pong Tables

Now that you have seen our selection of beer pong tables, we can head on to some of the crucial aspects of these tables. Although there is not much to them, some factors do come into play. These features will help you identify which unit is worth your money and suits your needs better. best beer pong tables


The first thing you must check is the size. More specifically, you need to check whether it comes in regulation size. With the standard size, you can practice for tournaments if you want to take your skills to the next level.

According to tournament standards, the official size of beer pong tables is 8 feet in length, 2 feet in width, and 27.5 inches in height. So that is the size you are looking for if you want to play table pong.


Another must-have feature is water-resistance. Beer pong is a messy game, and you will more than likely spill lots of drinks on the surface of the table before the game is over. If it does not have a waterproof coating, the liquid might seep through the wood and ruin it before too long.


Another essential feature to consider is the portability of the unit, especially if you are someone who likes to go tailgating with his pong table, you need a portable beer pong table. Most of the pong tables, including those used in tournaments are foldable. That does take care of some of the mobility aspects of the table and you should always buy a folding beer pong table.

Cold Resistance

If you are planning on tailgating frequently, remember that the nights outside can get quite cold. It can get so cold that the wood of the table might shrink if it is not properly coated. The material of the beer pong table really comes into play when you want to prevent this issue.


A good beer pong table must also be stable. You are ideally looking for a flat surface that has somewhat bounciness to it. But what contributes most to a table’s stability is its weight. Though lightweight units give you more portability, it comes at the cost of lower stability.

Additional Features

If you have all the essentials in check, you could also look into some of the additional features of the table. These are not exactly a necessity, but some people prefer their beer pong table to come with these extra effects. Features such as cup holder, or led lights attract even some of the more serious players.

The Different Rules of Beer Pong

Let’s talk about beer pong rules. You will play in teams of two standing on opposite sides of the table. Both ends will have 10 cups arranged in a triangle. The objective is to aim the ping pong balls for the small cups. If you land a shot in a cup, your opponent has to pick up the cup and drink the beer. The first team to hit all ten cups with the balls successfully wins the game.

As you can see, the rule is quite cut and dry. However, depending on your location, and also the host, you may come across some different rules. Maybe some sort of restrictions, to give the people of the house some advantage. These rules are what are known as house rules of beer pong.

Depending on the house, the rules may vary. There are many different rules and regulations. In the following section, we will list a few of these rules, but if you want to know even more about it, check out our handy article here – The Rules Of Beer Pong.

Why You Need A Dedicated Beer Pong Table?

Are you someone who just wants to try out the game? If yes, then investing in a table for the sole purpose of beer pong might not be a good idea.

Buying a dedicated beer pong table will not only give you everything you need to get better at the game but also will allow you to host parties and beer pong tournament yourself. The fun-factor that this game brings to any party makes it a good investment for just about anyone.

If you are still not sold and would instead use any odd table you have lying around the house, here are a few more reasons why a commercial beer pong table is a good investment.

  • A dedicated pong table will always come in a standard regulation size. You do not have to worry if the table is too long and too short.
  • Besides, a beer pong table will definitely be much more durable with a better surface than an ordinary folding table. Even if you buy a cheaper model, you will likely get more life out of it than any other tables you want to use for the game.
  • Additionally, almost all of them will come with some sort of protective coating on the surfaces to prevent wearing from water and beer spills. They will also have dedicated space and racks to keep all of your accessories.

Standard Beer Pong Table Size

The official length of a table used in tournaments is fixed, and that does not change. When buying any table, dimensionally, they will always be the same in most cases.

The official rule dictates that the table used in the tournament must be 8 feet long and 24 inches wide. It also needs to have a foldable surface that is also portable and quick to deploy.

Moreover, the regulation height of a table is 27.5 inches. Distance between the front cups is also predetermined, but that varies on whether you are playing with six cups or ten. Official rules for a ten-cup game is that the front two cups are set at a distance of 65 inches apart from each other.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to some of the questions that we come across when talking about beer pong tables.

1. Can I play proper beer pong on a regular table?

Yes, you can.

2. How many cups do I need for beer pong?

Beer pong is usually played with 10 cups on each side. So that means you need a total of 20 cups for a game.

3. Do I need to take special care of my beer pong table?

Thankfully, these tables do not require too much maintenance.

4. Do I need ping pong or beer pong balls?

You can play with both.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, the best beer pong tables bring a lot of utility not only inside the game but also outside it. If you are a regular player, there really is no reason not to invest in a decent one, especially when you have read our review.


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