Best Hot Glue Sticks For Glue Guns

Top 7 Best Hot Glue Sticks For Hot Glue Gun in 2020

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For any DIY crafters and enthusiasts, a hot glue gun is a must-have tool. The amount of utility and value you get from this device is unparalleled. It allows you to make strong joints efficiently with no hassle. Although the bond might not be as strong as screws, it is strong enough for most DIY projects.

However, anybody who uses these machines knows that a hot glue gun is only as capable as the hot glue sticks you use with it. If you want the absolute best result from your hot glue gun, you need to make sure you are using the best hot glue sticks. There can be no compromise in this section.

In this article, we will give you a quick yet thorough rundown of seven of the best hot glue sticks you can find on the market so that you do not need to compromise the quality of your project regardless of what it is.

Top 7 Best Hot Glue Sticks Reviews

When it comes to the best hot glue sticks, you cannot make any mistakes. With products of inferior quality, you can face issues such as the glue does not melt properly, or the adhesive strength is lacking. If you want to avoid these problems, you need to have proper knowledge of which product is right for you.

In the following section of the article, we will take a look at the seven best hot glue sticks you can buy from the market without facing any issues.

1. Gorilla Hot Glue Sticks

Gorilla 3034518 Hot Glue Sticks, 4 in. Full Size, 45 Count, 1-Pack
7,637 Reviews
Gorilla 3034518 Hot Glue Sticks, 4 in. Full Size, 45 Count, 1-Pack
  • 5X more durable: For projects that last, 45 second extended working time
  • High temperature for strong bonding
  • Low temperature for delicate materials: Floral, fabric, foam, jewelry and more
  • All temperature: Safe for both high and low temperature glue guns. Store below 130° F. Store out of direct UV light
  • Versatile: Works on hard to bond surfaces like metal & glass. Sandable and paintable

Let us start off with a product from a well-known company in the hot glue industry, Gorilla. It boasts fives time stronger bonding strength showing us just how much confidence the company has in its product. For anyone from the DIY enthusiast to the professional workman, this hot glue stick is the best option.

The best thing about this unit lies in its versatility. It can work with both high and low-temperature glue guns making it ideal for any type of project and any sort of materials. Furthermore, the adhesive in this unit is weather-resistant, giving you a highly durable bond in all kinds of conditions. You get 45 units of hot glue sticks in the package with your purchase, which makes the price quite reasonable too.

2. Ad-Tech 14ZIP50 Multi Temp Glue Stick

Adtech (220-14ZIP50) Full-Size Hot purpose glue sticks for crafting, scrapbooking & more, 4' 50ct, Clear, 50 Count
7,904 Reviews
Adtech (220-14ZIP50) Full-Size Hot purpose glue sticks for crafting, scrapbooking & more, 4" 50ct, Clear, 50 Count
  • STRONG CRYSTAL CLEAR BOND: These hot glue stick bonds to virtually all materials including paper, metal, plastic, wood, fabric, ceramic foam lace ribbon synthetic fabric and more
  • FAST & STRONG BOND: AdTech Crystal Clear Glue Sticks bond to virtually all materials in as little as 30 seconds
  • MULTI-TEMP: AdTech Crystal Clear Glue Sticks work in high, low dual and multi temperature hot glue guns Use low temperature hot glue guns to bond delicate materials like paper lace and fabric Use high temperature glue guns to bond porous and heavier materials like glass and metal
  • Perfect for Crafting AdTech Crystal Clear Glue Sticks are perfect to use at home, office or school Ideal for scrapbooking, crafting DIY and school projects No harsh chemicals and acid-free
  • FITS ALL FULL SIZE GLUE GUNS Fits all full size hot glue guns Contains 50 hot glue sticks in a pack Length 10 inches Diameter 0 44 inches Made in USA

To get the most value out of your purchase, you want as many glue sticks you can while maintaining the quality of the units with your purchase. This selection by Ad-Tech offers you exactly that at a reasonable price. You get 50 units of hot glue sticks that work well for any of your repair or creative projects.

The sticks in this package are suitable for both high and low-temperature guns and can form a strong bond in 30 seconds or less. When it comes to creative projects, you want the adhesive to dry as quickly as possible. The glue sticks are also 10 inches in length, which means you can get quite some use out of each of them before you need to replace it.

3. Mini Hot Glue Gun Sticks

Mini Hot Glue Gun Sticks (Huge Bulk Pack of 80) 4' and 0.27 Diameter - Compatible with Most Glue Guns (80 PCS) (Pack of 80 PCS)
4,143 Reviews
Mini Hot Glue Gun Sticks (Huge Bulk Pack of 80) 4" and 0.27 Diameter - Compatible with Most Glue Guns (80 PCS) (Pack of 80 PCS)
  • [What You Get ] -Comes with 80 pcs hot glue sticks , stable and easy to use - It's also Incredibly Durable and Longlasting
  • [Flexibility ] - Good flexibility and luster, durability for daily gluing .Great ideal for home, office and school DIY crafts projects including metal, wood, glass, card, fabric, plastic, ceramics and so on.
  • [Parameter] -80 pcs clear long mini hot melt glue sticks Fits 99% Of Glue h.Hot glue sticks is 0.27 Inch Diameter and 4 Inch Length
  • [Easy To Us ] -:fast to heat up and sturdy,finish crafting,home repair and daily DIY projects quickly.
  • [CUSTOMER SERVICE] - We provide 48-day money-back and 24-month warranty. So feel free to contact us if you have any question

Next up, we will take a look at a nifty set of hot glue gun sticks that is perfect for DIYers. This pack of hot glue gun sticks by a company called Seven Style gives you 80 units of mini-sized sticks that each come with a length of 4 inches and a diameter of .27 inches.

The glue sticks in this unit react fast to temperature and help you go through your project more quickly. After application, the glue dries quite fast and gives you a strong bond. In no means, the bonds are everlasting, but the durability that you get out of the adhesive is formidable, to say the least. The combination of an attractive price and the huge value you get out of this product makes it an ideal purchase.

4. Surebonder DT-25 Made in the USA All Purpose Stik Mini Glue Sticks

Surebonder DT-25 Made in the USA All Purpose Stik Mini Glue Sticks-All Temperature-Clear-5/16' D, 4' L Glue Stick-25 sticks per Bag
875 Reviews
Surebonder DT-25 Made in the USA All Purpose Stik Mini Glue Sticks-All Temperature-Clear-5/16" D, 4" L Glue Stick-25 sticks per Bag
  • All-temperature design for high or low-temperature glue guns
  • Easy-to-install for quick refills
  • Quality material cleanly adheres items together
  • Advanced formulation bonds to metal, wood, paper, fabric and more
  • Works in low and high temperature glue guns

The Surebonder DT-25 offers you a pack of highly durable hot glue sticks that are user-friendly and work with any sort of creative project. Similar to the last item on our review, the units in this pack are mini-sized. The length of each individual stick is 4 inches with a diameter of .31 inches.

Furthermore, the set is extremely versatile as it can work with both low and high-temperature guns and can for strong, clear bonds quickly and efficiently. This is the perfect pack for people who work on projects every day because of its secure handling and setup. You get 25 units of hot glue sticks in this bundle.

5. Vastar 120pcs Hot Glue Sticks for Hot Glue Gun

Vastar 120pcs Hot Glue Sticks for Hot Glue Gun, Mini Size, 0.27 inch (7mm) Diameter, 4 inch Length
244 Reviews
Vastar 120pcs Hot Glue Sticks for Hot Glue Gun, Mini Size, 0.27 inch (7mm) Diameter, 4 inch Length
  • Vastar hot melt glue sticks Fast-melting adhesive, strong viscosity, no odor.
  • Hot glue sticks are tough and long-term storage does not harden.
  • The hot glue gun sticks are evenly melted and free of impurities. Better use with hot melt glue guns
  • Glue sticks are highly viscous.They have good temperature resistance and are durable.
  • Wide Range of Applications: This glue sticks is suitable for making of paper products, decorative films, toys, handicrafts and wood products.It can bring you a good experience.

If you are someone who goes through glue sticks like a hot knife through butter, this pack by Vastar might be just the one you need. It gives you 120 pieces of mini-sized glue sticks at a reasonable price. Each of the sticks is 4 inches in length, and .27 inches in diameter.

Because of the bulk-sized quantities, you get with this package, you can make this set last you a long while. Additionally, the sticks are quite long-lasting and will not decay if you keep them stored. Quality-wise, they offer a durable and robust bond, and the sticks themselves have strong viscosity. For people working with any sort of paper or wood crafting, this is a perfect set.

6. Mini Hot Glue Gun Sticks

Mini Hot Glue Gun Sticks (Huge Bulk Pack of 200) 4' and 0.27 Diameter - Compatible with Most Glue Guns
2,913 Reviews
Mini Hot Glue Gun Sticks (Huge Bulk Pack of 200) 4" and 0.27 Diameter - Compatible with Most Glue Guns
  • AMAZING VALUE PACK OF 200 - Huge Refill Pack and Half The Price of Other Competitors. Buy in Bulk and Save $$$
  • 4 INCHES AND 0.27 DIAMETER - Fits 99% Of Glue Guns. Completely Safe for Both High and Low Temperature Glue Guns
  • HIGH QUALITY LONG LASTING FORMULA - Easily Melts and Sticks to Most Surfaces with Great Flexibility. It's also Incredibly Durable and Longlasting
  • PERFECT FOR 100s OF DIY PROJECTS & MATERIALS - Including Arts & Crafts, Basic Repairs, Homemade Jewelry, Fabrics, Foam, Yard, and So Much More!
  • 100% MANUFACTURER MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - If you're ever unsatisfied with the product the Manufacturer will refund your order. No Questions Asked! Artellius is a USA Company with US Based Customer Support!

If 120 pieces were not enough, you could go wild with this 200 pieces of mini hot glue sticks by Artellius. You get an amazing value sheerly because of the number of sticks you get at such a reasonable price. Each unit in the pack comes in a length of 4 inches and a diameter of .27 inches.

The versatility of this product is unparalleled as it gives you the opportunity to work with a wide variety of arts and crafts projects. Boasting a long-lasting formula, the glue sticks melt easily, allowing you to stick it to any surface you want. Thanks to the flexibility of the glue, you can take on any sort of project including but not limited to arts and crafts, jewelry, or even fabrics.

7. Surebonder FS-12 All-Temp Fabric Glue Sticks

Surebonder FS-12 All-Temp Fabric Glue Sticks, 4-Inch
1,491 Reviews
Surebonder FS-12 All-Temp Fabric Glue Sticks, 4-Inch
  • Specially formulated for fabric
  • Machine washable, stays flexible
  • Can be used in High, Dual and Low Temperature Glue Guns
  • Glue sticks; 7/16-Inch diameter
  • 4-inch length

To wrap up our list of reviews, we will take a look at another bundle by none other than Surebonder. This 12-pack hot glue sticks come in mini-size and feature all of the quality that we expect from this brand. Each unit of sticks comes with 4 inches of length and .43 inches of diameter.

Thanks to the larger radius of the sticks, you will be able to get more use out of each individual unit. Regardless of whether you use a high or low-temperature glue gun, you should have an easy time using this product. Specially designed for use with fabric, if you are someone who is looking for a high-quality glue stick set, this might be the perfect choice for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

With the list of products out of the way, we can focus our attention on some of the common questions people have regarding hot glue sticks. These answers will help you figure out whether a hot glue stick is what you need for your next DIY project. If yes, then you already know which product to choose since you went through our list of reviews.

Here are some of the queries people often have regarding hot glue sticks.

  1. Is hot glue permanent?

Hot glue sticks when heated up melts into an adhesive that you apply to a surface. When they dry, the adhesive from the glue stick cool down and form a strong and long-lasting bond. In many cases, the bonds are permanent, but in certain conditions, you can remove hot glue too.

One way to remove hot glue is to reheat the glue which is difficult to achieve without a glue gun. Unless you reach that temperature, the bond from hot glue is as permanent as any other form of glue. Epoxy, as you know, is a strong and permanent adhesive. Hot glue forms a similarly durable bond like epoxy glue.

  1. What temperature do glue sticks melt?

Different glue sticks melt at different temperatures. Cheap and low-quality sticks usually melt at a lower temperature, which makes them unsuitable for any warm environment. Most hot glue contains a blend of Vinyl and other wax compounds. The melting temperature of the glue also depends on its purpose.

That being said, most glue sticks that you use for wood or papers come with two melting points, low-temp, and high-temp. High-temperature glue sticks have a melting point of around 400 degrees Fahrenheit, whereas low-temperature glue sticks come with 240 degrees Fahrenheit melting point.

  1. Will hot glue remelt?

The simple answer would be no. If you are thinking of whether warm weather will melt the glue you applied to a surface, that is not possible. Glue sticks have a high melting point that uses the temperature produced in a glue gun to melt in the first place.

Unless you apply a high degree of temperature manually from a viable source, the chance of hot glue remelting is slim to none. Even low-temperature glue sticks require a temperature of 240 degrees Fahrenheit, which is quite high to find under normal circumstances.

  1. Will hot glue hold in water?

It depends on a number of conditions. The quality of the glue or the material also plays a large role in whether the glue will hold in water. If the glue stick is not water-soluble, or in simpler terms, if the glue stick is waterproof, it should hold even when it is underwater.

However, if the material itself is not waterproof, over time, the bond of the hot glue adhesive may start to fail.

  1. Will hot glue stick polyethylene?

Usually, polyethylene is a non-stick surface. It has a low surface energy and typically repels any form of adhesive. As a result, it is commonly used as a packaging material for adhesives since they do not stick to the surface.

In most cases, hot glue will not stick to polyethylene surfaces. However, there are some procedures and steps to apply hot glue to polyethylene. It involves some special preparations for both the material and the adhesive.

  1. What will hot glue not stick to?

Although hot glue is a viable solution for bonding a wide range of materials, there are some surfaces that do not react well with it. Ideally, you want to avoid non-porous surfaces like glass, or metal if you want the hot glue to work well. Other than that, enamel or steel also rejects hot glue.

Cold surfaces also repel hot glue as it takes away the temperature before the stickiness of the glue can come into play.

  1. What is the strongest hot glue stick?

There are many contenders for the strongest hot glue stick. People have a varied opinion based on their experience and the variety of materials they work with. In our experience, we found that the Gorilla Hot Glue Sticks offers the strongest bond in the shortest time.

When talking about the strength, the Surebonder DT-25 also holds out quite well as it creates a long-lasting bond with relative ease. All of the products in our list of reviews offer a strong bond for a plethora of purposes.

Final Thoughts

Hot glue sticks are an essential purchase for almost any DIY enthusiast regardless of his field of projects. Because of the versatility you get out of hot glue, they are suitable for almost any work you can think of, ranging from paper crafting to woodworking.

We hope you found our list of the best hot glue sticks informative and helpful. When it comes to hot glue sticks, we aim to bring you the best choices so that you can make an informed decision free of any regrets.

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