Health Benefits Of Playing Squash

Health Benefits of Playing Squash | The Healthiest Sport Ever

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Squash is a tough sport. It is also considered one of the healthiest sports in the racquet sports category. Literally anyone can play this game. There is no real ideal shape that you have to be.

Whether you are just playing for fun or you are more into competitive sports, there are plenty of health benefits of playing squash. If you have never tried this sport before, you are about to get a wakeup call.

Squash is such a heavy fitness sport with aerobic and anaerobic, speed and agility, endurance, and power, and with all of these elements combined, no wonder it is called the healthiest sport ever.

Health Benefits Of Playing Squash

In this article, we are going to go through some of the amazing health benefits of playing squash which should motivate you to start playing this awesome sport called squash.

1. A Perfect Healthy Habit

When it comes to a healthy habit, consistency is important. And finding one you can do anytime can be the key to sticking with it. That’s one of the reasons why squash is a great healthy habit for all of us.

Sometimes the best way to pick up a healthy habit is to see what works of others. Playing squash will keep you physically and mentally fit. This racquet sport can be played year-round. It is super fun and a great workout for both physically and mentally.

There is a lot of explosive movements. With so many quick bursts of movements, you will get a good leg workout. It’s also a full-body workout because you need great arm strength to be hitting the ball.

2. Weight Control

All of this fast-paced and hard-hitting movement is a great way to control your weight. Working up a sweat will burn calories and add to weight loss. However, you should also follow a healthy diet in order to get the most out of this workout.

How Many Calories Are Burned Playing Squash?

If you play squash for 30 minutes and your weigh 155 pounds, you will burn 422 calories. If you weigh 180 pounds, you will burn 491 calories and if you weigh 205 pounds, you will burn 559 calories.

The number of calories you will burn will depend on how long you are playing and also your weight.

If you play for 60 minutes and weigh 155 pounds, you will burn 844 calories. Someone with a weight of 180 pounds will burn 981 calories. If you weigh 205 pounds, you will burn 1,117 calories.

That’s actually a huge number of calories bunt just by playing squash for an hour. That is how good playing squash is for weight loss.

3. Good for Your Heart

Playing squash is very good for your heart. It strengthens the heart muscles and reduces the risk of heart-related disease by preventing blood vessels from becoming clogged.

A research done by the scientists at The University of Rochester proved that playing any kind of racquet sport for 3 hours a week can lower blood pressure and also reduce the risk of developing any kind of heart complications.

When playing squash, if you want to get a good aerobic workout, keep the rest period brief, 1 to 2 minutes at most.

Even if you have social anxiety and don’t like to mix with other people, this sport can be played solo. So, it’s not mandatory to find a squash partner for your playing session.

If you want to improve your social skills, find a regular squash player, team up which will lead to better social skills, and contact with others. This social engagement will trigger the neural reward circuitry and will make your mindset overall more positive.

I’m not making this up. This research data is according to a 2014 study published in Oxford Journals.

4. Develop Agility & Sharpen Hand-Eye Coordination

In a game of squash, you have to perform different movements like sprinting, stopping, bending, spinning, leaping, jumping, and running. These are just some of the basic moves the body has to make. Players are required to nimble to perform at their best.

They need to able to quickly stop, change direction, and be agile. As such, these game conditions squash players to develop all these skills in a short time. This game teaches equilibrium and quickness around the court.

The first explosive step that you take and all the power that builds up in your body and the challenge to speed up your movement develop some key skills which are essential in this game.

This game forces you to move quickly while maintaining a strong and balanced position. This is also required to hit the ball hard and quickly.

All of these movements also promote good hand-eye coordination. As you repeatedly move and adjust your body position, your body goes under competitive stress because you need to keep a laser target focus.

This coordinated control of hand movement, eye movement promotes finesse of movement and boosts accuracy. And that’s why playing squash is a good way to develop this important hand-eye coordination.

5. Compels flexibility & Improves Concentration

Because of all the constant movement, your joints and ligaments get stretched because of the movement outside the typical range of motion. This promotes blood flow and elasticity in the body.

Constantly playing this sport will ensure your muscles get the most stretch out of every game and will improve flexibility. And because your eyes are constantly fixed on the ball from the start, it will help pinpoint concentration.

You focus on where the ball will hit, how it will bounce back will improve your visual and mental concentration. You also gain the ability to apply power and force as you swing your racquet to hit the ball.

All of these cardiovascular movements will tone your arms, legs, and abdomen and there is also cardio involved because of the fast-paced nature of the game.


Finally, now you know why squash is considered the number 1 healthiest sport. With all of these health benefits, I don’t see any reasons why you shouldn’t take up this sport.

Even if you hate going to the gym and working out, you can play squash as a recreational sport and before you know it, you are deep into the game because it is very addicting. And these are health benefits of playing squash.

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