How To Play Kickball

How to Play Kickball? Learn The Rules Of Kickball

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If you are interested in sports and physical activities, you might have heard about the game kickball. It is a renowned playground game that is commonly played by young school kids. The game is also prevalent among adults, although they are often more keen on baseball and softball.

Learning how to play kickball is very easy. It is similar to baseball in many ways. The fundamental difference being that in kickball, you have to kick a kickball instead of striking a baseball with a bat.

Therefore, you only need a kickball to play the game, which makes it very accessible to everybody. Other than that, the game is also very welcoming and beginner-friendly.

In this article, we are going to run you through the rules and discuss the concept of kickball.

History of Kickball

The game kickball came in to being around the year 1917 by the supervisor or Cincinnati Park Playgrounds of Cincinnati, Ohio, Nicholas C Seuss.

Initially, around 1920-1921, kickball was a way for physical education teachers to teach the basics of baseball to the youngsters. Back then, they used a basketball or soccer ball for the activity. Around 1943, kickball became a casual game for the soldiers of the United States Department of Army.

How to Play Kickball

Kickball has an uncanny similarity to baseball. Instead of a small-sized baseball, it uses a large-sized kickball. The kickball is about the same size as a volleyball or a soccer ball. Most of the rules of the game are identical to baseball. So, if you already know a thing or two about baseball, learning kickball should not be much of a hassle.


This game does not need anything other than a kickball. Unlike baseball, you do not need a bat, protective helmet, or anything. The kickball has to be made of rubber and should be 8-16 inches in circumference.

Generally, 5-15 players make the team. The World Adult Kickball Association recommends that a team should have 8-11 players.

Court Layout

Kickball is best suited for playing in a softball or baseball field. There should be four bases set up in a diamond pattern. Ideally, the plates should be 20-meters apart from each other, as considered by the World Adult Kickball Association. However, the distance between bases and field choice may vary by taking the current circumstances into account.

The pitcher’s point should be right in front of the home base and aligned with the first and third bases. The boundaries should be distinctly visible.

Rules of Kickball

When playing kickball, you have to abide by some rules and regulations. These rules keep the game fair and balanced for both sides. If you violate any of these rules, you will cause a foul.

Therefore, knowing the rules of the game is paramount.

  • Kickball is suitable for playing on any field, although it is better to play the game in a diamond softball field.
  • Generally, the game plays for six innings as per World Adult Kickball Association guidelines. It is acceptable to play the game for more or fewer innings if both sides agree to the conditions.
  • The kickball is an inflated rubber ball that has a circumference of 8-16 inches.
  • The ideal number of players in a team, as stated by the World Adult Kickball Association, is 8-11 players. This number can vary as the game is often played in school sports sessions.
  • There is no strikeout, leading off or stealing in kickball.
  • When the ball returns to the pitcher, the play ends.
  • To score runs, the runner has to run to the home plate before the inning ends.
  • There is no specific order of kickers. Usually, the law follows a girl going first, then a boy, or vise versa.
  • To out a player in kickball, the opponent has to catch the ball. He can also be tagged out and forced out of his base to be out of the game.
  • Fairplay is critical and is taken very seriously in kickball. Players are expected to judge and monitor themselves. If someone commits an offense, he should walk out of the field on his own without referee intervention. Poor sportsmanship, cheating, or bad behavior will not be tolerated, and the player will be forced to leave the field instantly.

The Scoring System

The scoring system for kickball is simple and not to complicated. You get a run if you manage to reach your home plate safely. If you manage to kick the ball out of bounds, then you can make a run to your home plate without any obstacle.

After the innings are over, the team that has the highest runs win. Sometimes the game may be tied. In that case, an “accuracy kick” can be held to declare the winner. The World Adult Kickball Association approves this method. In this method, two players from each team have to kick the ball to the 2nd plate from the home base. If your hit ball is closer to the plate than your opponent’s, your team wins.

Fairs and Fouls

The rules regarding fairs and fouls in kickball are very similar to baseball. You can commit a maximum of four fouls before being out. These fouls do not count as strikes.

We have discussed how you may cause a foul for your convenience.

  • When the kicked ball lands on the foul territory, it is a foul.
  • If the ball touches the foul territory, it will be a foul.
  • The ball cannot touch the foul territory from the fair region at any point in reaching the first and the third base.
  • If the ball crosses the foul territory but touches any object from that area on its way across, it will cause a foul.
  • You have to kick the ball using the part of the leg below the knee. If you use the knee or any point above the knee, you will cause a foul.
  • The kicker cannot tap or touch the ball repeatedly from the kicker’s box. He has to kick it with one touch.
  • The ball always has to be kicked from the kicking box.

We will also talk about ways of getting a fair ball.

  • If the ball remains or lands anywhere in the fair territory, it is a fair ball.
  • When a kickball lands in the fair region, but later on travels into the foul territory beyond the first and third plates, it is a fair ball.

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Final Thoughts

Kickball is a fun and entertaining game for all ages. It is an excellent sport for school students, adults, and players new to baseball and kickball. This game is safer and simpler for new players to pick up easily. The accessibility of the game also plays a big factor for newcomers.

If you always wanted to learn softball or baseball, you can start off with kickball first. The rules of the game are almost identical to these two games. Kickball is a nice entry ground for players who want to learn the basics of these games without a hassle.

Our article on how to play kickball has been geared towards the rookies so that they can get a clear concept and idea about the game before starting out. Regardless you are a rookie or a seasoned player, and you can learn a thing or two from this article. We hope you find our article useful.

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