How to play spikeball

How To Play Spikeball? Basics, Pro Tips & Tricks

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Roundnet, more commonly known as “Spikeball,” is an outdoor sport that is played by two, four, or six people. The game was born in 1989 but soon lost popularity in 1995. In 2008, the sport got revived when Chris Ruder became the CEO of Spikeball Inc.

Spikeball is a fun and engaging game. Its main ideas come from volleyball, where the differences are in players’ line up, infraction penalties, and so on. The game is continually evolving with the development of new strategies, keeping the game fresh and appealing.

We will go through the rules and regulations of the game so that you know how to play spikeball.

Spikeball Equipment

You will need some equipment if you want to get started with playing spikeball.

  • Some spikeball balls.
  • A spikeball trampoline.
  • A spikeball playing net.
  • Ball pump and gauge.

You can purchase all the necessary tools as a set from their official website or a local game store.

Setting up the Roundnet

After you buy a spikeball set, you will get some rim pieces and a playing net. To get started with playing the game, you need to assemble the parts to make a roundnet.

The set comes with five bars and five stands. Join the curved bars with the sides of the platform. Now, firmly attach the net with the hooks to make the roundnet trampoline.

How to Play Spikeball

Four people play Spikeball, having two on each team. The main goal of the game is to spike the ball on the net so that the opponent cannot strike it back.

Both teams start by standing 6 feet across the trampoline. The game begins with a serve. When serving, the team hits the ball on the net towards the opposite side. The opposing team is to strike back on the net.

Once the match begins, there are no fixed playing positions for players. Every player can rotate around the trampoline to hit the ball. After receiving the ball, the team can touch the ball three times before tossing it into the net again. In this way, the round continues until a team fails to receive the ball.

Some Important Terms

There are some terms that you would need to be familiar with when playing spikeball.

  • Roll-Up or Pocket: When the ball hits and rolls along with the net, it is a roll-up or pocket. Pockets are faults, which means if the serving team does a pocket, the serving will not count, and they would have to serve again. The game continues if a roll-up happens in the middle of a regular match.
  • Rim Shot: A rim shot is when you hit the rim of the trampoline. If you do a rim shot, then your opponent scores, and the play stops.
  • Near-Net Serve: If the ball hits the side of the net that is closer to the server, it is a near-net serve. Play stops if the ball rolls across the net. But if the ball bounces to the opposite side, then it is a legal serve.

Scoring System

The scoring system of spikeball is known as rally scoring. In this system, both the serving team or the receiving team can earn points. A spikeball game is played up to 11, 15, or 21 points according to the rules of the match. The rally ends under some specific conditions.

  • If the ball hits the ground after a serve or during play, then the rally ends, and the opponent team scores a point.
  • A side has three touches to return the ball to their opposition, and if they fail to do so within three contacts, the other side scores.
  • When the ball hits the rim directly at any time, then the play ends. The team, which aimed at the edge, does not get the point. This rule counts for both serves and play.
  • If the ball bounces on the ring after throwing, then the opposing team scores a point.
  • The opponent earns a point if you throw the ball and the ball rolls on the net.

In these ways, teams can earn points and win the game.

Serving the Ball

There are some rules when it comes to serving the ball as well. Violation of any of these rules is considered a fault, and play is canceled.

If the receiving team wins the previous round, the following player will serve. The server must serve the ball properly without violating the rules.

  • The server has to toss the ball in the air by at least 4 inches before hitting it to the net. Throwing the ball directly onto the playing net is not allowed.
  • When serving, the player must hit the ball after launching it in the air. If he fails to hit the ball, it will be fault.
  • Players can apply any amount of force while serving. Short serves are allowed too.

Spikeball Faults

If a player violates a rule of spikeball, it is a fault or foul. Play stops when a foul occurs. Similar to any other game, there are special conditions for a foul to occur.

  • If the serving player does not throw the ball and instead throws it directly onto the net, it is a fault. The ball must be in air about 4 inches high before hitting.
  • When serving the ball, you have to be 6 feet away from the trampoline.
  • If you are serving, you cannot move from your position. But, you are allowed to pivot one step to get a better angle.
  • The serving player cannot jump or move closer to the net while serving. He has to stay 6 feet apart at any cost.
  • The server must throw the ball in a direction that is reachable for the opposing team. If the opposition cannot reach the ball without jumping, they can claim a fault, and the ball has to be served again.
  • It is a foul if the ball touches the rim at any point in the game.
  • The ball cannot roll-up or pocket in a serve.
  • No players can hinder each other from hitting or getting to the ball.
  • Players cannot touch the roundnet in the middle of a game. If anyone makes contact with the roundnet, his team will lose a point.

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Final Thoughts

Spikeball is an entertaining and appealing game. A game of spikeball can give hours of fun and help to have a good time with friends and family. Being good at spikeball requires outstanding agility and mobility. Knowing how to play the game is as important as playing it.

That being said, we hope our articles come in handy, and you can play spikeball without a problem and have a great time.


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