Shoe Goo Review | Is Shoe Goo Any Good?

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Shoe Goo is a well-known shoe adhesive that has nothing but positive reviews about it. It’s a cheap product but can work wonders if you know what you are doing. In this Shoe Goo review, I will be taking a deeper dive into this product to find out if it’s any good.

Not everyone can afford to go to a professional for shoe repair. Some of us don’t even want to go to the cobbler or don’t have the time to go in the first place. This is where Shoe Goo comes in. This stuff is sold in your average conventional value stores and all sorts of other places.

Shoe Goo is available in clear and black, which makes it ideal for all sorts of applications. It’s easy to use; it comes in a tube and one 4oz.-size tube should last you nearly forever.

How Does Shoe Goo Work?

Here is a quick demonstration of what a shoe goo can do and how it works.

I go through shoes a lot. So, one time, there was a giant hole under my running shoe that went all the way through the sole. It just so happens that the packaging of the product suggests that I can use this shoe adhesive to cover the inside of the hole.

And so, I did that. I covered the hole with this sealant and covered the hole with some tape. I let it dry flat for about 24 hours which is usually what it takes for the adhesive to dry off completely.

Shoe GOO 110212 Adhesive, 3.7 fl oz, Black
2,816 Reviews
Shoe GOO 110212 Adhesive, 3.7 fl oz, Black
  • Contact adhesive and sealant
  • Seal rubber and work boots
  • Water proof
  • Coat and protect shoes and gloves
  • Rebuild worn-out soles

Here is the result.

Shoe Goo Shoe Repair

I know it’s not pretty, but as you can see, it works. No one is actually going to look under my shoes, so I’m not bothered with the end result. However, it did what it was supposed to do and fixed my running shoes.

Although it looks like I just covered some parts of my shoe sole with glue, which I did, the footwear adhesive actually turned into a rubberish type of thingy. This dried to essentially a rubber consistently, and I loved it.

This is a good everyday footwear adhesive that does exactly what it says it will do perfectly. I would highly suggest this for casual Plimsoll style shoes.

Shoe Goo also comes in black, which looks like shiny black rubber after drying. Initially, it will dry to a shiny black but will quickly turn into a faded rubbery black color after a little wear. The best part is that you don’t have to use any adhesive remover.

Shoe Goo Adhesive Review

What is Shoe Goo? It’s basically an adhesive and sealant that’s pretty commonly used among skateboarders to just basically get the most out of your shoes. It goes on like a liquid and then dries into a harder rubber-like substance.

This product is pretty much an all-purpose adhesive. You can use this to fix just about anything that goes wrong with a shoe you can kind of handle. This will greatly increase the lifespan of your footwear.

When you are young and crazy, you won’t have a lot of money to buy shoes. That’s why you got to make do with what you got. If you are a skateboarder, you would want to push your shoes as far as you can.

Product Description

First, let’s talk about the Shoe Goo Shoe Repair Adhesive Glue Clear.

Shoe GOO 110212 Adhesive, 3.7 fl oz, Black
2,816 Reviews
Shoe GOO 110212 Adhesive, 3.7 fl oz, Black
  • Contact adhesive and sealant
  • Seal rubber and work boots
  • Water proof
  • Coat and protect shoes and gloves
  • Rebuild worn-out soles

This is the clear variant of this premium shoe repair adhesive.

Shoe Goo Shoe Repair Adhesive Glue Clear (Pack of 2),3.7 oz
499 Reviews
Shoe Goo Shoe Repair Adhesive Glue Clear (Pack of 2),3.7 oz
  • SHOE GOO CLEAR is a premium shoe repair adhesive that comes in a large 3.7 oz tube
  • PERFECT FOR fixing worn soles or damaged heels, shoes, galoshes, waders or boots
  • UNIQUE FORMULA designed for very strong abrasion resistance and better adhesion
  • BONDS, PROTECTS AND REBUILDS for patching small holes, gaps, and shoe wear
  • WATERPROOF FORMULA designed to remain secure even when exposed to water

And this is the black version.

What Is Shoe Goo Made From?

While I don’t know the exact formula but one thing I can tell is that the formula is designed to very strong abrasion resistance and better adhesion. The formula is waterproof, and the sealant is designed to remain secure when exposed to water.

How Good Is Shoe Goo?

This is an inexpensive glue for shoes that aren’t designed to last very long, especially in harsh conditions. However, if you are in need of a quick shoe fix, this is the cheapest way to do so. However, this is an excellent sealant that can be used to create very strong bonds.

Is Shoe Goo Permanent?

No, and the formula itself isn’t designed to withstand extreme temperature. However, this seal rubber will have a stronger bond at an ideal temperature.

Does Shoe Goo Stay Flexible?

To some extent, it will stay flexible.

Is Shoe Glue Better Than Gorilla Glue?

Typically, you will use gorilla glue to repair boots. On the other hand, you will use shoe glue for mostly repairing your pair of sneakers.

How Long Will Shoe Goo Last?

When bonded, it will depend on your usage of your footwear. The formula isn’t that expensive and also not very high-end, but it can increase the life of your shoes to some extent. As for the glue itself, it will generally last for 6 months after you open the cap. 

Is Shoe Goo Good For Soles?

Shoe Goo is basically a thick adhesive that will stick your shoes back together. You can find plenty of information on YouTube. Here is a cool video I found on the net.

As you can see, this adhesive holds up really well and can easily be used to repair the sole of a skate shoe. Here is a pro tip: whenever you are applying shoe goo, make sure to use ice. It will spread nicely without sticking to your fingers.

Make sure to apply it evenly to create a strong bond. In terms of efficiency and quick shoe fixing capability, I would rate it five out of five stars.

What Can You Use Shoe Goo For?

Here are just a couple of things you can do with Shoe Goo.

  1. You can reinforce skate shoes.
  2. You can secure loose insoles.
  3. You can use it for coating shoes and protect your boots as well to avoid premature wear.
  4. You can repair damaged heels.
  5. You can easily rebuild your worn-out shoes overnight.
  6. You can seal waders, galoshes, and even rubber boots.

These are just some of my recent experiences with this shoe repair adhesive. I prefer to use this glue for shoes to make toe caps on the whole side of the shoe.

Is Shoe Goo The Same As Contact Cement?

No. Although it sounds like a type of contact cement, it’s actually more of a sealant.

Is Shoe Goo And Goop The Same?


Is Shoe Glue The Same As Super Glue?


Is Shoe Goo Toxic?

No. But don’t eat it.

What Is Better Than Shoe Goo?

Shoe Goo is considered one of the best glues for shoe sole repair. However, there are plenty of other good shoe glues out there that can be used to repair shoes and boots. I’ve actually written a separate article on this topic. Make sure to check that out.

Final Thoughts

In a nutshell, if you want to fix damaged heels or worn soles quickly, Shoe Goo can be a good choice. You can use it to repair party heels, broken heels, damaged heels, rubber boots, leather boots, and more. And with that note, we will now round up our Shoe Goo Review. Adios. 

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